BPD, Meds and Pregnancy

I have already written about pregnancy and BPD but I need to touch on a specific of it.

Bottom line I have to give up my meds while pregnant.

I’ll let that sink in.

Geodon, the antipsychotic, is a no choice. It can do serious damage to an unborn baby. I am going through the process of weaning myself off it now. I was at 200mg, I spent 2 days at 160mg, now I’m down to 120mg, and you get the idea. So far I’m getting off it without much problem. Normally I go through really bad withdraw. I don’t know why I’m not now. My only guess is that my body chemistry is currently so fucked up as it is, my body isn’t noticing the removal of the Geodon.

The Cymbalta and Trileptal are risk versus benefit. There is limited knowledge as to the long term effects on these meds on unborn babies. There is some risk but if the benefits of the meds outweigh the risks of taking it, then you take it. If the risk is greater, you don’t. I am fully off both of these already.

I am very lucky that I’m stable while pregnant even when off my meds. Granted I’m hormonal. But that is natural to being pregnant.

So then what will I miss? My Lunesta. Like the Cymbalta and Trileptal, it is unknown and risk versus benefit. Last night when I couldn’t sleep and knew I had to be up earlier than usual, I took one. Tonight I most likely won’t. Same with tomorrow. I am hoping, but not counting on, my OBGYN telling me of something I can take while pregnant to help me sleep. It would be nice but I won’t hide my breath. So I guess I have the next 8 months to get used to not sleeping because once this baby is born I won’t be getting much sleep anyways.

So the moral of this story is, really there are few medications out there that a pregnant lady is safe to take, and most mental health meds don’t make that list. And for some of you, that makes for a long 9 months. (Plus however long you breastfeed.)

In closing, here is the plan. I’m great mental health wise from the time I get knocked up until about 6 months postpartum (when postpartum depression hits). So I breastfeed, if I breastfeed, for 2 weeks then get back on the meds and adjusted to them before I’m back to work (6 weeks out) and before my 6 months out depression kicks in.

7 thoughts on “BPD, Meds and Pregnancy

  1. I noticed this post from last year. And I wondered: what if you make sure you get your vitamin D and your omega-3 fatty acids (DHA). Might that prevent your postpartum…?

  2. Honestly, at 6 months out, I must say I am pretty damn fine. I have my days, but those days are what make me human.

    I need to write a post on this. Adding to my to-do-list.

    Glad to see you poking around. I have some good shit scattered throughout.

  3. I am boarderline pregnant and off meds…although taking the meds and being stable is the benefit the risks are unknown for cymbalya and abilify..these r 2 of 4 meds i was taking…cannot take topamax or vivance so had to quit those cold turkey when i found out unexpextedly i was again pregnant….on my meds I’m totally stable…off them my mind is swirling and it’s becoming a struggle…

    I’ve been through this before w my first pregnancy…off meds for the first 20wks…then started low dose abilify and Zoloft…. Should have held off on starting Meds while pregnant!

    This time due to my child’s severe feeding disorder-may be related to abilify…I am not willing to run the risk of having another premature baby w feeding problems….although he is cured now the first 18 mo of his life were difficult in regards to feeding…
    Why would I’d let someone like me have a child I don’t deserve to be a mother!!!

    How the hell will I get through this??? I hate the feelings of anger then sadness then self loathing then some other crazy thought that plagues my mind…Why do I have to have this disease why!!!

    I wonder if I should just have an abortion and get my tubes tied bc at this point I’m feeling it may be impossible to live like this…my sweet 23 month old doesn’t deserve a crazy mom :((( (I would never harm him or myself but controlling my thoughts and rage is really hard…

    What can I do to manage the mood swings and rage attacks while off my meds??? Can I do this and still be a good wife and mother???

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