Not Dying

Went to my doctor today. He doesn’t think it’s nerve damage. He thinks it’s skeletal. With the research Pat has done, my family’s history of arthritis (I’ve had it since I was a kid) and where the pain is centralized, I have to agree. He also doesn’t think it was the flu shot, he thinks it was work. We’ll have to agree to disagree there. But I’m fine with that.

There is this condition called frozen shoulder. Basically, a lot of pain followed by your shoulder pretty much freezing in place. That’s what Pat researched. I brought it up to the doctor. He doesn’t think I’m there yet, but he does agree it would be very easy to get there if I don’t try to keep it moving when I can. With restrictions.

I’m not to lift my arms above my head, I’m not to lift more than 10 lbs, and I’m not to push or pull. I have these restrictions in writing and will be taking them to work. This will make working with my injury doable. They have been very nice and cooperative at work, but they want this detailed doctors note for the niceness to continue.

The pain should go away with more time, but in the meantime, there isn’t anything I can do about it but take my Ibuprofen. It won’t help with pain but it is working to fix the damage.

There you have it.

4 thoughts on “Not Dying

  1. I had a frozen shoulder for a while. If it ever does develop into that, definitely follow your therapist's instructions.

    I did for a while, and it did ease off (it does go away after a while, though it could be up to a year or more), but I don't think I followed through enough. I still have trouble with it sometimes.

    Good luck, though! Hope it doesn't develop into anything *too* bad.

  2. My doctor was talking surgery if it gets that far. But from everything else I've heard, it goes away on it's own. I've heard there are 3 stages: freezing, frozen, thawing. From what I've read, I'm in the freezing stage, lots of pain but I can move it. Next comes frozen. No pain, but inability to move. Then thawing. You can move it again but the pain comes back. The doctor didn't agree with any of this. Just the frozen part. Though from what I concluded, freezing doesn't have to lead to frozen. If you keep moving it, it won't freeze. So I'm really confused at this point.

  3. Couldn't we just microwave it and skip all the freezing/thawing part…lol just kidding of course. Don't go lifting that kid of yours…he's a chunk over 10 pounds. Did doc give you any exercises/therapy to try yet?

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