It figures

All my adult life and most of my teenage life, I have meticulously kept track of every appointment, work schedule and everything in my day planner. Not a single work shift has gone unnoted. It’s all written down. Don’t give me a reminder card, I’ll just lose it. But if someone ever mugs me I’m requesting my day planner. I’m lost without it.

This week, for some reason, my work schedule has not made it into my little book. I don’t know why. I think hell is freezing over for it, but that’s how it is. I haven’t worried too much about it because I can access my schedule online from home. That and I’ve been just checking the posted schedule at work for the next work day. I obsessively do that anyway in case for some reason it’s changed or I wrote it down wrong or whatever.

Only I forgot to do that tonight when I left work. I think it’s because I left out the front door and not the employee exit.

Do you see where this is going?

So when I got home I realized that I had no idea when I work tomorrow. No problem, I can look it up online. I open explorer, which is the only browser that supports this particular website, and I type in my user name which is my employee number and I type in my password which is the last 6 digits of my ssn followed by the number 10. Invalid. Ok maybe I typed it wrong. I try again. Ok maybe two keys are stuck together so when I type one, both click down. Hey, it’s happened recently. And it’s not like I can see the numbers typed of the password. It’s all *********. So I open word and type the password there. It looks ok. I copy. I paste. Still nothing. I’m locked out of the website. It’s not in my book. And I know I work 8.5 hours tomorrow but there are a lot of possible start times for that.


So I call my boss. It rings it rings it rings. It patches me through to customer service. Where I get a very helpful coworker who informs me that my password probably expired and that it doesn’t tell you so unless you are accessing the website from the store.

How nice.

So he treks all the way to the back of the store and looks at the schedule.

He treks all the way to the front of the store where I’m on hold.

10- 6:30

My standard shift these days.

If I were going to randomly show up to work tomorrow not knowing when I started, 10 would be when I randomly showed up.

At least I know I won’t be waiting around forever.

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