Because I Like Doctors Soooo Much

Borderline Personality Disorder BlogI spent 2 hours at the urgent care today. For the stupidest thing ever. You ready for this? My two-hour wait was so the doctor could spend 2 seconds looking at my right big toe to confirm that it is indeed infected.

Yes, I have an infected toe.

And it’s isn’t like this is my first infected toe. I’ve had millions. In 2010 alone. The thing of it is, on my last infected toe, about a month ago, my mom had a minor coronary and my sister gave me some left over antibiotic (shhh) and everyone freaked out because apparently a Kennedy (or someone) died of an infected toe. So with this newest infected toe my hubby gave me a guilt trip that thousands of people have died from infected toes. And I’m like whatever I’m going to die in a blaze of glory (camera in hand), not from an infected toe. But then yesterday (this gets gross here) I managed to squeeze a shot glass worth of pus out of it. And then today I was up at an ungodly early hour and found myself bored when Luke went down for a nap so I said what the hell, and walked to the urgent care that I can spit on from my back patio.

Only I made Thomas go with me because he hurt his toe and I thought it might possibly be infected (it’s not) and I figured since I was getting my toe looked at, I might as well get his looked at int he same trip. BTW, a two-hour wait at a doctor’s office is like a year in purgatory for a 7-year-old. And he made it rather unpleasant for me too. I was enjoying the chance to read a magazine I don’t normally read. (Something girly that featured an interview with Michelle Obama.)

So long story short, 2 hours, my toe is indeed infected, which I knew, and Thomas’s isn’t, which just figures. (I could have left him at home.)

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