Long Day, Sick Kid

The first call from my mom during the work day was to let me know Thomas had had a migraine in the middle of the night. He woke up, puked and went back to bed.

The second call was to let me know his eye had been twitching all weekend, was this new? Yes, yes it was new.

The third call was to let me know he had a fever of 103.6 what did I want her to do.

At that point I left work early and had her meet me at the urgent care right by my house. The doctor there gave him a thorough exam and couldn’t find a reason for the fever. We think he was thinking meningitis. Anyways, he told us to take Thomas to the local children’s hospital emergency room. So we did.

3 hours later there was still no solid reason for the fever, but it finally came down with the help of Tylenol. The doctors think his headache and the fever might just be a virus that isn’t causing any other symptoms. The flu or something. They did a step culture and it came back negative.

Pat thinks the fever is being caused by the migraine. I’m inclined to agree.

Either way the kid stays home from school tomorrow.

Oh and we are suppose to keep an eye on the eye twitch. If it keeps up even when he’s asleep they may need to do an MRI or something.

Poor kid.

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