Here is the post I said I wouldn’t make.

I knew before I went back to work, after my stint in the hospital, that I wasn’t ready to be back at work. I don’t feel great. I haven’t felt great. Work doesn’t help. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to consistently work a shift start to finish. It’s easier when things are busy. I’m kept distracted from this and that. Though not too busy because then the stress becomes too much. It’s too much for anyone to work a busy lab by themselves. It shouldn’t be done.

I guess where I’m going with this is here…

Things are getting better. It’s been a week solid since I’ve gone home early with it being my idea. Don’t get me wrong, when things are dead I get kicked out early. But that isn’t my doing or my fault. It can’t be used against me.

I’m starting to get placed back on 5 shifts a week instead of the 4 I’ve been at.

I’ve even been better at getting maintenance done. It was never near as bad as the super before me left it. Lord knows if she went without getting in trouble and NEVER did maintenance… My hit and miss approach the past few months is nothing. But I have my schedule back up and I’m working hard at it.

All in all, I’m doing better.

And if THIS posts gets me fired when it’s dedicated to me doing BETTER, then fuck it all. I’ve been sick and doing the best I could. Now I’m still sick but not as sick and am fully functional at work. Now isn’t the time to fire me. That time has PASSED.

Then sometimes I wonder if anyone even notices this blog or cares. It’s scary who has access, but they have shit of their own to worry about.

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  1. Yes but dear heart, you don't work for my company and as of yet, don't seem to have the power to fire me.

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