Birthday Baby

My oldest turns 6 today. I gotta tell you, it’s been a long 6 years.

His current obsessions in life include cars, iron man, and transformers.

We are working on getting him into sports. Once he finds what he is good at we’ll encourage it.

He really likes drawing in his note books, reading, and FINALLY enjoys working on his letters. He knows a bunch of them now.

He is a challenge to raise. He is stubborn and opinionated and ornery. Every day he tests his limits. Refuses to take no for an answer. BUT, if he plays his cards right these traits could help shape him into a strong young man. He just needs to learn when to back down, and when to push forward.

He’s getting tall, is smart as can be, and makes me laugh daily.

He is and forever will be, my baby.

Happy Birthday Thomas!

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