Is Your Daughter an Eight-Year-Old Prostitute?

Ok, where to even begin.

I’m at work, getting ready to print an order when I realize they are dance pictures. As in kids in dance class in their costumes. The reason I took notice though, is because these girls who can’t be more then 10-years-old are all dressed like prostitutes. I mean skanky, barely covering their body, Pretty Woman wears more, hookers.

I have a few theories regarding these outfits.

1. The fathers are furious.
2. The mothers are their pimps.
3. The “dance” class isn’t tap or jazz but is pole dancing.

Because stripper style pole dancing is the ONLY way those outfits make sense. Though even strippers start out with more clothing.

What exactly is this world coming to that we are dressing our daughters up like sex toys. Do we need to wonder why so many even pre-teens are having sex and why teen pregnancy is such an epidemic. We should be teaching our kids how to respect themselves and that the body is private, not dressing them up to flaunt boobs they don’t even have yet, mid drifts still thick with baby fat, and legs where you can see straight up to the hips.

Why are the parents letting them leave the house in those outfits.

Why has the costume designer not been fired.

Worse yet, why am I forced into this rage every time I see dance pictures?

They are always the same. Different styles and colors but all scream SKANK.

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