Where I Post About Swine Flu

Ah yes, Kate is not the first to compare TK’s headaches to swine flu. My father, in fact, is convinced Thomas has it and is slowly dying.

So a couple quick things I’d like to mention are as follows:

First and foremost, Thomas has not been to Mexico, nor has he had Mexican beacon or ham or pig of any nature.

Second, and almost as important, neither have any of his classmates or anyone else he’s been around for the last few weeks.

Third, and still important, when the headache goes away instantly after you throw up, that implies migraine.

Fourth, and up there on the important list, he’s been having these headaches for a couple of months now. Which is since before the swine flu outbreak.

Fifth, and still mildly important, Pat has had chronic migraines since he was Thomas’s age. So I think it’s something that just runs in the family. I get them too, after all. The kids were doomed before they began to even breath.

So yes, I am taking my father’s and even Kate’s fears seriously. But I’m not putting a lot of fear into it. I’m fairly certain they are just migraines and not indeed swine flu.

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