Dinner Plans

I’m really hurt by this. So I’m hoping that writing it all out will get it all out of my system.

When I got home from work last night I was told by my husband and father that a huge family dinner was in the planning stages. My father was going to make a huge pot of pasta, and he was going to go buy some rolls and even something for dessert.

He was planning to invite my sister, who came over to play with my oldest, never my youngest, to stay and eat with us.

For whatever reason, Rachel couldn’t or wouldn’t stay.

5 minutes after she leaves, he’s in the kitchen making a single can of soup and then goes to bed for the evening.

2 major cases of blatant favoritism in 1 day is more than I can stomach. I’m not sure which one hurts me more.

He didn’t want to cook and eat with us, just her. She loaded Thomas up with tons of new toys and candy, barely paid Luke any attention.

2 thoughts on “Dinner Plans

  1. That’s just horrible and sucks…i wish i knew what to say. So very hurtful…how can people be so mean? i’m so sorry things like this happen.

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