Med’s Update 3/29/09

60 MG Celexa still
80 MG Geodon still. I was at 160 again for a whole day trying it minus the arthritis but I can’t do it. It fucks with my muscles too much.

I’m going to ask to add a mood stabilizer to the mix. It took me a while to come to this. For too long that’s what I was prescribed and nothing else when they thought I was bi-polar. And it nearly killed me because I was stabilized in a depressive. I’m far enough out of the depressive now, that I crave the stabilization I think it will bring. I don’t know if she’ll pair it with the anti-psycotic though. So we’ll see. I also refuse depakote and Lamictal. They have bad connotations in my brain. So maybe we’ll try Lithium or something else.

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