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10 Glitter Bits

Posted March 26, 2012 By kmarrs

Last week? Sucked! So it is way past time to discuss the moments in my life that were epic this past little bit.

1. I got to work out some anger towards a PR bitch who wanted me to blatantly lie to you guys.  For 10 dollars. Not that 10,000 would have made the difference. The 10 dollar part was simply insult to injury. Where I am willing to be sponsored or link ads to the right places, I won’t lie about it. Period. And I’ll only support what I am willing to stand behind.  I did take great joy in sending her a link to the dictionary definition of “authentic”, though.

2. One of the local Kmarts isn’t able to renew their lease due to the rent being randomly doubled.  Which sucks but they are in “please buy everything we have as fast as possible” mode and my mom took me to cash in on some good deals.  I was smart enough to stick to a list of things we’ve actually been needing for a long while.  Cuts down on the “you spent what on me?” remorse.  Plus, some will be paid back when I get my bonus in May.  So, there is that.  She/we bought:

  • Shoe rack for the bazillion pairs of shoes we have lying about.  5 people does not simply equal 5 pairs of shoes.  Nope.  We’d been using a laundry basket to dump them in.  See below.
  • Laundry baskets.  10 of them for 15$.  Yes, they are cheap and small, but still better than what I’m replacing.
  • Laundry hamper that I heart so bad! Old one? Also falling apart.
  • Shoes for me.  White dress sandals because I had a serious gap in that department.  Black flats to replace ones that are falling a apart.  And a pair of flip flops that are comfy as fuck and were like 6$.
  • Summer clothes for Sammy.  We are keeping it simply because I’m thinking it’ll be hot as Hades this year, so we stocked on onesies and some cute little sundresses
  • Trash cans.  Buying trash cans isn’t glamorous unless you have been in serious need for a couple new ones for a long ass time but can never seem to get around to it.  20% off already inexpensive?  Yeah, we can get to that!

3. Wendy’s has this new sandwich that involves spicy chicken, bacon and guacamole.  OMG I have never had a fast food sandwich that tasted even half that good.

4. I took the time to really sit and study Sammy as she rolls from back to belly.  That shit is funny, yo.  But oh the adorables!  Also?  While I wouldn’t call her mobile, she is far from stationary.  Only, she can only really go in reverse.  And girl missed the line to have review mirrors installed.

5. I was able to prove maybe I’m more ahead of the ADHD game with my 4yo than I thought.  Fidget beads are a huge success!

6. I am taking the Chibi Challenge!  If you would like to aid in my mental health ego, you are welcome to comment with 3 words that describe me.  Think positive! The results are going to be built into a word cloud, not unlike what I posted all day Sunday.  They are fun to make though.  You can make them on Wordle.

7. I am in talks with Becky and while I’m not currently a Brain Behind The Band, my return is in the future once I get the rest of my life squared away.  I just need to focus on other things so that I have the energy free to give the band all the energy that I choose to give.

9. I am to the point where while a Mt Dew would sound awesome, I would no longer kill for it.  Just maybe maim.

10. My husband is seeing and commenting on noticeable signs of improvement in my mood over this time last week.  So maybe I am right that yes I can be off my meds, this past week just really did suck.  I got a lot of feedback from others as well that dude, the week sucked.  BUT if I can survive that week med free, I can survive anything med free.

So those are my glitter spots that I’m hanging onto.  Do you have any you care to share?

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Pi Day

Posted March 15, 2012 By kmarrs

Today I threw a Pi Day Pie Party.  Me.  Miss anti-social.  Who struggles to throw a damn family birthday party for my kids.  I threw a party not because I had to but because I wanted to.
I’m not going to lie, that was the best damn party I’ve ever been to and I get the badge of honor of having thrown it!

First off, it helps that people like pie.  No really.  It seems you people really like your pie.

We (because Brenda brought it) served Shepard’s Pie for dinner (to add a level of responsible) and then had 2 different tables full of 10 different dessert pies.  It was almost overwhelming.  I mean, where to begin?

I invited all those in my life who would see the humor of having a Pie Party on Pi Day.  Even if I had to get them past the initial concept of what Pi Day was, the humor was not lost.  I had pieces of my whole life gathered at my place.  My best friend Stacy from high school.  My longtime friend Jen and her boyfriend Phil.  I had former co-workers from the camera store, Brenda and her husband Scott, Kate and her boyfriend Bobby, and Jim.  I had current co-workers from the bank Steve and Michael.  And of course my mom and kids.

Pat?  Pat has game nights on Wednesday.  He refused to make this an exception.  But, by him not being there I was able to make this a major gathering instead of just the few he was comfortable with.  I mean, he has major social anxiety.  Everyone invited was wonderful, but he still would have been in social hell under his own roof.  I missed him but this party was a blast!

Moving on to future plans:

#56 on my life list (that will be in the next batch I post up here) clearly reads: Pick 3 more “holidays” to throw parties for – 1 for each season.  I figure 1 every 3ish months.  3/14 is Pi Day.  Star Wars day on May the 4th.  And September’s?  It’s obvious: International Talk like a Pirate Day – Sept 19.  Apparently, my life has come to this and I rather like it!  Now I just have to pick one that falls between November and January. Ideally December but I can’t find any really geeky holidays that month. December 16th is Chocolate Covered Anything Day, though, so that has potential.

Rejected holidays for my parties are:

  • Stupid Guy Thing Day – June 22
  • Please Take My Children to Work Day – June 26
  • Seems September 5th is “Be late for something day”.  I’d host a party with that theme, but who the fuck knows when people would show up.
  • Nose Hair Maintenance Day – Sept 8
  • Take It in the Ear Day – December 8
  • Monkey Day – Dec 14 is the day we all gather to steal a monkey from the Cols zoo
  • Nose Hair Maintenance Day – Sept 8

I can’t make this shit up!  Which, I really don’t have to since someone else did.

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Dose of Happy Monday

Posted March 6, 2012 By kmarrs

Linking up with the band this week.  I don’t usually, but this Monday was magic.  Actually, I generally rather like Mondays.  After what equates to 48 hours with my family, I enjoy escaping back to the adult world.  Not going to lie.  I love my family but I also value my brain.

So, tonight for dinner, the boys and I made this.

Granted, they were the only ones to eat it because ew gross, but we made it together.  It was actually a rather fun art project.  We made all sorts of designs that they then got to eat after it cooked.

Then while dinner was on the stove, I brought out the ice-your-own cookie kit I bought at the store on my lunch break.  I saw it and could stop myself.  It was a couple dozen basic cookies in spring shapes, along with 3 different colors of icing in bags ready to be snipped in the corner and squeezed.

The 3 of us had a blast designing cookies.

Then they ate dinner and then we devoured a few cookies.

All in all, dinner was full of craft and yum.

Well, the dessert was yum, though they would argue dinner was yum to.  I pretty much refuse to eat hot dogs, but apparently I’m willing to stick cold, slimy hot dog pieces to spaghetti sticks.  Go figure.  But that is love only a mother can demonstrate, let me tell you.

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Serious Side of Life

Posted November 13, 2011 By kmarrs

So, I’m not sure how this will work out, BUT with me not being on nearly as many meds as I usually am, I’m sort of attempting to lose some weight.

I refuse to stress about it.  Overall, I’m ok with my general size.  I’m also really pleased that I actually have a full wardrobe that fits.  That said, I wouldn’t mind going down a little.

In all actuality, I’m just going to attempt to eat healthier and hope that some weight loss is a side effect.

I’m not cutting out this or that.  I’m trying to cut back on my sweet tooth, not that it’s actually working.  But I’m menstrual so I didn’t stand a chance this week.

What I am trying to do is add in better things that I can fill up on.  Meaning, if I’m in a mood to graze I have a few pounds of raw almonds I can graze on.  So at least it’s healthier.  I’ve also bought about 10$ worth of raw veggies and another 10 in frozen.  So I’m attempting to work them into my diet more.  But if I just need something sweet, I’ll get something sweet.  Just with some limits.

On a whole different note, I’m facing my maturity and the fact I have 3 kids now and I’m doing the hard but wise thing.

Pat and I are in the process of creating wills. They are basic freebies from online.  We don’t need anything complicated.  So we have them, we just need to sign them, get witnesses, and have them notarized.

And I am shopping life insurance.  I have a small policy that work pays for that will get me taken care of.  But flat out, my family is dependent on my income so if I’m gone, they are screwed.  My goal is to get my family taken care of at least long enough that the kids are grown and Pat can figure out a plan of continued support.  But the real reason I’m sharing is: it’s really hard to get a decent policy when you are diagnosed with something like BPD.  You are at an increased risk for suicide.  Which fine, I get it.  But… don’t most policies not pay out if the cause of death is suicide?  So it just doesn’t add up.  Anyway, I’m doing some shopping.  We’ll see what I can find that is in my price range. (15-20$ a month.  At least for now.)

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The Drink That Will Win Next Year

Posted August 14, 2011 By kmarrs

BPD and Drinking, bad mixOK, as you may know I entered a contest a few weeks back where I had to share a drink recipe for a chance at winning a web design and hosting. I lost. Which, was fine. The winning drink was better. But since then, I have stumbled upon something better and it is heaven. Plus, while I haven’t done it due to pregnancy, I know how to make it even better with a little (lot) of booze. So, for the purpose of documenting this now, here we go!

As always, I don’t measure a damn thing. It’s really to taste. Sometimes you want a little more of this, the next time a little less. Plus you can make it, taste it, and add more. This isn’t a cake, ya know?

You need:




Instant Coffee flavor of your choice (powder)

Boiling Water

Baileys flavor of your choice

Note it, is a cold drink. The point of the boiling water is that it dissolves the powder better. And despite the ice, it won’t exactly be thick. The boiling water pretty much melts it. Unless you add a TON of ice. I don’t. You could.

To make it, I generally boil the water in a tea pot and then pour the water into a mug and mix it with the instant coffee there. Then I pour the the mug of coffee into the blender that is already waiting with the ice and milk.

Now, as for flavor combos:

I like Maxwell House International cafe’s vanilla caramel latte. I imagine this would pair VERY WELL with Baileys Irish Cream with a hint of Caramel.

BUT I know how you ladies are with your chocolate. That was my doom in this year’s contest, after all. So, with that in mind, may I suggest a mocha flavored coffee paired with Baileys with a hint of Mint Chocolate?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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Contest Results

Posted August 9, 2011 By kmarrs

BPD and Drinking is a complicated mixI want to thank everyone who voted for me! However, despite our efforts, Tam won. Which really, is totally fine. Yeah, I wanted that design but she really had the better drink hands down. And the better drink should be the winner. I did come in at a definite second though, so head high!

And next year? Totally in the bag! I came across a drink combo today that was to-die-for. I think if I added a splash (bottle) of Bailey’s it would be even better!

So gratz to Tam! (I’ve already said so in her comments.) And while you guys go take a second look at her drink, read the rest of her blog, because really, she has a good one! It may not have anything to do with BPD, that being what most of you are here for, but she’s dealt with loss and I think a level of sadness that we can all respond/relate to.

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