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Ginny Rose

Posted November 11, 2012 By kmarrs

This is little Ginny Rose, whom is named for my Maternal Grandmother Virginia. Little Ginny is forever perched on my right shoulder.  Her and her books.

Years ago, my mom and sister got matching cherry blossoms. With Rachel and I having been born right outside DC, it was a way to tie my mom and sister together in a way the was meaningful to their beginnings as mother and daughter.

For awhile there, I too was maybe going to get a cherry blossom, but my sister respectfully requested that remain just her and my mom.  So my mom, ready for her second tattoo, opted to pick something new for just her and I.  With me having been old enough to remember her mother and having forged a close bond, we selected an owl which was something her mother collected and would forever tie the 3 generations even if her mother would never be inked or see ours.

I then suggested to take it a step farther and have a stack of books since we are/were all 3 known for our love of books.  Mom elected to keep hers to just the owl, and she did inverse the colors, but hers is equally adorable and forever perched on her left shoulder.

So is how am I celebrating turning 29 very very soon.  My first tattoo and a celebration of generations.

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Guided Fall

Posted August 14, 2012 By kmarrs

Letting go and leaning back, trusting the rope I was hanging from, the pullies in the ceiling, and my friend I was hooked to was exhilarating. The third time. The first had a touch of “OMG I am going to die” fear. But by that point I had scaled a good 12+ feet up that wall on my own accord and I had to get down somehow.

This is by far not the most flattering series of photos of me. Gym clothes plus harnesses don’t make for photogenic qualities. And the photographer was concentrating on holding onto the other end of the rope.

But mother fuckers, I was up a wall!

Borderline Personality Disorder bpd and success

Borderline Personality Disorder bpd and success

Borderline Personality Disorder bpd and success

I did not die. I did not break anything. And I rocked climbing that wall. (Pun intended)

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Collection of Thought to Round Out the Week

Posted May 11, 2012 By kmarrs

#1 best thing about moving into an actual house in a month?  When I hear random stomping, pounding, banging, etc I will know 100% for sure it’s coming from my house and not the house connected to me house.  Currently listening to what sounds like a cat running back and forward above me.  There is not a single cat inside this house.  So it’s something involving the neighbors and that shit echos bad.  Sometimes I swear this place is haunted.

For my 14th wedding anniversary, I want a year of dance lessons, with Pat, so that on our 15th anniversary, when we renew our vows (was going to be 10th, but we want Sammy older) we can do our equivalent of the following.

There is now a possibility he is considering a divorce lawyer, but he’ll get over it. 10 years we’ve been together and not once have we danced. 28 years I’ve been alive, and I’ve never (seriously) danced. We’re going big. Suck-it, bitch!  (Yes Pat, you’re the bitch in reference.)

I was only vaguely aware he existed before today (I don’t watch tv, sorry) but suddenly I really like Jon Hamm.  He is a man who deserves respect.

I was planning to vote Libertarian, this coming election.  Because mainstream politics are starting to annoy the hell out of me, and this way no matter who won, I would have voted against them.  Granted, I like Obama. A lot, even.  But the nation refuses to give him a Congress that will work with him.  And I really like Gary Johnson and most all he stands for, though I don’t honestly expect him to win.  Then Obama pulled out this:

Do I think any Congress will let it be federally passed?  Not really.  Do I think future presidents will let it remain even if it does?  Not really.   But I think he has a better chance with this than Johnson has of winning the election, and well, this is a big one for me.  Even with Johnson supporting it, the Republicans flat out don’t, so I’m going to vote for the stronger of the 2 who do, even though he isn’t my first choice over all.   I will even go through the process of legally being able to wed others to those they love, if this gets passed, just to be one more person against a shortage of those willing to do this.  Because you know many who can, will refuse.

Today, as I was telling my best friend Stacy, the plans for when I leave this world, it really sunk in how well my husband knows me.  First off, I’ve shared I’m going to be turned into a tree, but I hadn’t picked out one yet.  Pat has told me he’d have me become a Ginkgo Biloba tree because they let loose stink bombs and it’s very fitting of me.  My next question was, where should I be planted?  He’s decided the nook right outside the sitting room window of the first mental hospital I had a stay in, where he and Willy made me snow angles while waiting for visiting hours post blizzard, would be the perfect spot.  Yes, I quit agree it is rather fitting for me to spend my next life as a tree on the grounds of a mental health facility.  Then the life insurance from my work?  It’s 10 times what’s needed to ash and plant me.  So while my main insurance plan will be for securing my family’s future, the remainders of the work policy will finance an epic D&D game, that will be my wake, where everyone has to play an awakened monkey in my honor. (Think an actual monkey, that has the brain and speech ability of a human, but the impulse control and self discipline of the monkey.  So basically, me, only hairy and with a tail.  Bells of all sorts will be standard issue.)  This plan almost makes me want to be the first to go, many many many decades from now mind you, just so all this can happen.  If that isn’t the case, well the plan will be in my will and I will haunt all 3 of my kids and any grand kids if they drop the ball.  Oh!  And the number #1 gaming snack combo for this game will be blue (and only blue, you can special order those) M&M’s and Mt Dew.  Be there or be square!

Finally, and this is a tack on oh hey, though how that happened I’m not sure: A few weeks ago I filled out the application and sent in the money to the Columbus Bar Association to become a Notary Public.  The application has been approved and a study guide has been sent.  Now I have 90 days to pass a test with the Bar.  Once that is complete, I have another wait for results and then I get a nifty official stamp.  Once I have that thumbs up from the bar, I get to go to city hall and be sworn in by a judge.  Then I’m all official!  It’s something uber useful I can do now (well, by the end of summer) for my current job, but long run it’s really nice on the resume for future positions.  Also, I’ve seen the stamp in action and it even sounds official.

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Pi Day

Posted March 15, 2012 By kmarrs

Today I threw a Pi Day Pie Party.  Me.  Miss anti-social.  Who struggles to throw a damn family birthday party for my kids.  I threw a party not because I had to but because I wanted to.
I’m not going to lie, that was the best damn party I’ve ever been to and I get the badge of honor of having thrown it!

First off, it helps that people like pie.  No really.  It seems you people really like your pie.

We (because Brenda brought it) served Shepard’s Pie for dinner (to add a level of responsible) and then had 2 different tables full of 10 different dessert pies.  It was almost overwhelming.  I mean, where to begin?

I invited all those in my life who would see the humor of having a Pie Party on Pi Day.  Even if I had to get them past the initial concept of what Pi Day was, the humor was not lost.  I had pieces of my whole life gathered at my place.  My best friend Stacy from high school.  My longtime friend Jen and her boyfriend Phil.  I had former co-workers from the camera store, Brenda and her husband Scott, Kate and her boyfriend Bobby, and Jim.  I had current co-workers from the bank Steve and Michael.  And of course my mom and kids.

Pat?  Pat has game nights on Wednesday.  He refused to make this an exception.  But, by him not being there I was able to make this a major gathering instead of just the few he was comfortable with.  I mean, he has major social anxiety.  Everyone invited was wonderful, but he still would have been in social hell under his own roof.  I missed him but this party was a blast!

Moving on to future plans:

#56 on my life list (that will be in the next batch I post up here) clearly reads: Pick 3 more “holidays” to throw parties for – 1 for each season.  I figure 1 every 3ish months.  3/14 is Pi Day.  Star Wars day on May the 4th.  And September’s?  It’s obvious: International Talk like a Pirate Day – Sept 19.  Apparently, my life has come to this and I rather like it!  Now I just have to pick one that falls between November and January. Ideally December but I can’t find any really geeky holidays that month. December 16th is Chocolate Covered Anything Day, though, so that has potential.

Rejected holidays for my parties are:

  • Stupid Guy Thing Day – June 22
  • Please Take My Children to Work Day – June 26
  • Seems September 5th is “Be late for something day”.  I’d host a party with that theme, but who the fuck knows when people would show up.
  • Nose Hair Maintenance Day – Sept 8
  • Take It in the Ear Day – December 8
  • Monkey Day – Dec 14 is the day we all gather to steal a monkey from the Cols zoo
  • Nose Hair Maintenance Day – Sept 8

I can’t make this shit up!  Which, I really don’t have to since someone else did.

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Life List 1-50

Posted March 9, 2012 By kmarrs

I have decided it is time to build a life list.  A list of goals to aim for between now and the day I die.  I have decided to be out-of-my-mind, because I am so why not, and aim high.  I was born in 1983, so I want a life list of 1,983 things on it.  Do I think I’ll accomplish them all?  Probably not, but these give me things to strive for in life.  And the ones I am able to accomplish, well it will be well documented what I’ve done with me life.

Some of these are basic, easily obtainable or else my list would be even more intimidating than it otherwise might be.

Some of these have my dreams soaring to their outer limits.

But combined they are a wonderful compilation of what life is about.  Obtainable goals that I don’t want to forget to aim for and celebrate, as well as soaring dreams to keep me reaching high.

My list is nowhere near complete.  How could it be?  But here is a collection of what I’ve dreamed up thus far.

1. Finish this list
2. Swim with dolphins
3. See polar bears up close
4. See panda bears
5. College degree
6. Snog a Great-Grandbaby
7. Have a Pi Day Party
8. Go a year mental health meds free
9. Go 5 years mental health meds free
10. Go 10 years mental health meds free
11. Buy a metal chicken for my yard large enough to piss off or embarrass the neighbors
12. Convince the neighbors to buy a metal chicken for their own yards
13. Spend a year fully exploring and practicing Buddhism
14. Be something more than a teller in the bank
15. Have an investment portfolio
16. Retire at a reasonable age with investments allowing me to take it easy
17. Take my daughter prom dress shopping
18. Publish a book
19. Achieve good credit
20. Buy a house
21. Improve the life of a stranger
22. Go viral, even with just a single post, just once
23. Visit a foreign country that involves crossing the ocean
24. See Alaska
25. Help my daughter pick out her wedding dress
26. Pet an otter
27. See the Northern Lights
28. Photograph 1000 faces
29. Renew my wedding vows
30. In a creek
31. Build a lasagna with Pat
32. Tour an English castle
33. Visit 6 major Cathedrals and Chapels around the world
34. Skydive
35. Learn how to make tutus for Sammy
36. Sell something out of my zazzle store, even if to myself
37. Describe Pink Floyd laser shows to the blind
38. Open a Swiss bank account in Switzerland
39. Visit all 50 states
40. Visit all 7 continents
41. Rescue 30 animals from a dire fate
42. Join the Red Hat Society once I’ve turned 50
43. Attend a BB2G Blogging conference
44. Wear a ball gown
45. Paint the town red while in it
46. After attending a ball
47. Own a porch swing
48. Rock grandbabies to sleep on it
49. Hug a penguin
50. See my blog turn 10

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