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Things are going well but there isn’t anything exciting to report. My days are spent taking care of my client and family, and resting so I my body can focus on making blood. I’m reading a lot. I’m working 1-2 overnights a week and M, my client, is usually asleep those hours (11pm to 7am) so I read my book and scroll Tumblr. That’s pretty much the bulk of life right now.

Going in a different direction, a couple of my friends made reference to needing a shirt, and it was a simple design so I’m like, “Hey! I can make that!” and introduced them to my Zazzle and made the shirt in question for them.

Anyway, I was looking through some of my old products, and I’m realizing I need to spend a couple of hours sorting things between categories and cleaning shit up. I should do that soon. I might actually do that as soon as I’m done writing this (Wednesday night). However. I’m tired. However however, I have a few more hours before I can reasonably go to bed since I need to stay in 2nd/3rd shift mode.

These are good hours for me, over all. But sometimes I’m tired and want to go to bed early. The catch is, if I do that I wake up early, then I have an even harder time being up as late as I need to be on days I actually work.

I miss the days of being able to sleep 14 hours straight. Though I’m grateful I no longer need to sleep 12-14 hours straight.

Hmm. This post is going all over the place. I guess ADHD sort of took over.


Go visit my store. I could use the cash.

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