So Tired

The new job is going really well! However…

You’d think that going to school fulltime and working parttime plus parenting and chores would be the most exhausting period of my life. However, you’d be wrong. Apparently working fulltime, no school, and no energy for chores or much parenting takes ten times the energy.

Honestly, I think the difference is that this job involves the general public and working with people is just really draining.

However, I will get used to it. I will build my stamina and I will be fine. I have no problem getting through the workday itself, I’m just crashing into bed at like 8 pm because I’m exhausted.

Anyway, I love what I’m doing. I like my coworkers. I’m apparently good at my job so far, at least for what I’ve been taught, because I’m getting loads of validation. So I’m happy with the situation I have found myself in.

I’m just also really fuckin’ tired.

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