The Job Hunt

Ok. So due to being a federal work-study, I’m officially out of a job as soon as I complete my final class on August 9th. Which is like a month away. So yikes!

I’ve already started the job search. Weeks ago by this point.

I’m looking for really most any entry-level position I can find in the business world that does not involve sales. My focus is on administrative assistant positions and entry-level human resources. But I’m fairly open. Again, as long as there are no sales involved.

I’m searching on my own via Zip Recruiter. However, I’m also working with a recruiter in an employment agency. She is confident she can find me something in the $15-20/hr pay range.

$15/hr is the minimum I can make, even full-time, in order to meet my financial obligations. I’m hyper aware that come February the government is going to come knocking wanting me to pay back $57k in loans. Now we’ll be able to work out an income-based payment plan, and might even be able to be forgiven for a chunk of it. But I’m not going to be able to avoid paying it off completely.

So that’s where I stand and what I’m up to besides work and school and family.

Also, just a quick tip: Zip recruiter makes it super easy to apply to like 50 jobs at once with just the click of 50 buttons. However, do not do this. This is the fast track to opening a portal to hell. So instead, aim for like 10-12 applications every week or two. Just trust me.

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