Have You Been Hospitalized For BPD? Take This Survey!

So the Almighty Dark Lord Max, Ruler of All was summoned and I’ve agreed to do the thing. Cuz it’s an agreeable thing to do.

“TARA 4 BPD (Treatment and Research Advancements for Borderline Personality Disorder), is a not-for-profit organization that provides evidence-based facts to people with BPD, their loved ones, and mental health professionals. We offer a psychoeducation program for family members to reduce stigma and repair relationships. We help families realize that BPD behaviors are a way of coping with enormous emotional pain, not a manipulation tactic nor a means of getting attention. We teach families how to predict and prevent escalations, repair relationships and increase trust. We are currently engaged in Grassroots Research on BPD in order to call researchers’ attention to the experiences of children who eventually meet criteria for BPD.

Many family members feel helpless when a loved one self-injures, talks about suicide, or makes a suicide attempt. They panic, and their typical response it to call 911, take their loved one to the ER, etc. There is presently no data available that evaluates the experiences of people with BPD in the ER and in psychiatric hospitals. We want to know if going to the ER helped or harmed them.What was the emotional impact of being in the ER or a Psychiatric Hospital? How did they get there? By themselves, or did someone else bring them there?

We have developed a survey to evaluate the effectiveness of ER Interventions and/or hospitalization. We are asking for your help with distributing it by posting a link to the survey on your blog. This data will help us educate families on appropriate responses to harmful behaviors.”

Here is the link to the survey. I, myself, am going to take it. You should too! Research like this is extremely important.

Here is a link to their actual site if you want to check them out.

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