Owning an AR-15 Assault Rifle Isn’t a Civil Right

Don’t believe me?  I have a copy of the US Constitution sitting right here.  It does mention guns, but certainly not assault weapons of that caliber.  Oh wait, they didn’t have assault weapons of that caliber back then.  Back when our founding fathers were giving you the right to own a gun they used the musket and its attached bayonet, the rifle, and the pistol.  Now, muskets, of the three, were faster than the rifle to load, and about as fast as the pistol, but I don’t have the exact numbers on the pistol, so we’ll go with the generous numbers of the musket.  Muskets could be fired as fast as every 15 seconds, or 45 shots per minute.  The AR-15 shoots 25 rounds in 2.5 seconds.  Then you have to reload, which takes, I don’t know a minute or two, depends on if you’re going into this super prepared or not, and then another 25 rounds in 2.5 seconds.  Without calculating reloading, that’s 600 rounds per minute.  That technology… do you think the founding fathers were nodding yes to that when they gave us the right to own guns?  If they had the weaponry back then that we have today, they would have started with gun control.  But 200 years ago people weren’t taking 600 rounds a minute into schools and taverns with the intent of causing harm for the sake of causing harm.  Because that’s what this is about.  This isn’t about taking your hunting rifle away from you.  This isn’t even about taking your pistol away from you.  This is about taking deadly massive shooting assault weapons out of the hand of the general public.  Because owning an AR-15 Assault Rifle isn’t a civil right.




There is also a conversation to be had about who should be allowed to own guns but frankly, I’m to heart sick for it.  I will say this, though.  If access to mental health care was as easy as access to guns in the US, this might have been a happier month.

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