The Next Step

So I think I blogged a few months back about my (now former) algebra professor whom desperately needed a teacher’s aide.  How her response was no one wanted to work in the maths department, followed by my response that I would.

Well, she requested an aid and I’ve applied.  I interviewed with the head of recruiting, and now I just have to interview with Dr L and the head of the other half of the maths department.  So…  I should be starting the job in a couple of weeks.

It’s the single best paying job I’ve ever had, though it’s only 20-25 hours a week.  Which is fine.  I’m not equipped to work full-time right now. Certainly not while I’m in school, but not at all, really.  As it is my meds doctor is concerned this job will be too much stress while pair with school as it is.  I disagree but I suppose we’ll see.

All I know is I’m excited.

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