Closed For Business

So I’ve decided I’m going to try to apply for ssi to help with income.  I know I’m maybe about to get a job, but even at 12$ an hour I’ll still be working so few hours and it comes out to less than $1000 a month.  That’s the cut off, by-the-way of what you’re allowed to earn and still be eligible for disability.  Plus, it’s technically part of my financial aid, so I think it works a bit different.  Don’t quote me on that part though.

So here’s the scene.  The real reason I’m writing about this.

It’s 1:33 at night and the house is quit.  I have the presence of mind needed to sit down and fill out the extensive application.  So I bring up the site, and find this.


Apparently this particular government website has opening and closing hours.  A website.  That is basically nothing but a form that gets filled out.  Has opening and closing hours.  Now, I’d understand like a customer service help line, sure.  But the entire website has opening and closing hours?

I’ve seen a lot of thing in my 20 years of using the internet, but I have to say, this is a first.

And if this doesn’t sum up our government, I don’t know what does.


(Disclaimer: I’m not dumb.  I realize this is probably to cut off possible cyber attacks while there is only a skeleton crew of programs and server guys manning the office in the dead of night.  I get that.  But the logic behind the reality is a lot less funny than the reality itself.)

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