Statistics Show

Maybe my first mistake was spending a couple of hours Monday night preparing for Tuesday’s class.  I read the chapter, taking notes.  I did the online lecture.  I showed up to class prepared, already understanding the material.

It didn’t take long for me to realize I was annoying all my classmates by having all the answers.  When it came time to do group work, I was in a bind.  I didn’t mind giving the answers and explaining them, but I had to defend each individual answer and explain it 5 different ways for the general consensus to believe me.

The joke of the matter is, on the group assignment we weren’t being graded on if the answers were right or wrong, but on how nicely we played with others.  Me ability to achieve what will be a total of 84 points, is based on my ability to work in a group.  A group of people who just don’t get the material that comes naturally to me.

So I need to find that delicate balance of pretending I don’t have all the answers, while at the same time helping them achieve the right ones not because the packet is graded, but because I do actually care if they learn something in this class.

All this is to say I think I’m going to be the problem student, in the same way I assume Sheldon Cooper was.


It’s not that I wish I were dumber, I just wish they were smarter.

Yes, I know how that sounds.

Anyway, that was my statistics class, I’ll discuss my algebra class later.

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