My algebra professor is the only person I’ve ever met who loves math more than me.  And she’s obnoxious with it!  Like if I’m even half as obnoxious, I owe a lot of apologies.  Also, she uses her powers for evil.

I will say she’s well-educated.  She has her bachelor’s, master’s and a doctorate in math so I can respect that but…

I think it’s her teaching style.  My last math professor was also a high school teacher.  While he didn’t treat us like high schoolers, you could still see his background in how he taught.  It was respect for the student mixed with respect for the student’s struggle with the subject.  I didn’t struggle, but I still appreciated the teaching style.  It made it all the easier and enjoyable.

My current math professor has only ever taught adults and she has no interest in acknowledging that she might need to slow down a notch, or explain something better.  We’re working on something even I have to stop and think about so it’s frustrating to be rushed through it.

Will I pass the class?  Yes.  With an A?  Probably.  But I don’t like her teaching style and I doubt I’ll do as well as I assumed.

I don’t know.  It’s only been one class and I’m currently sick.  Hopefully I’ll like her more as time passes and once my brain isn’t all foggy with sick, I’ll be able to go with the flow better.

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