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Gearing Up

School and Borderline Personality Disorder BPDI am very ready to return to school.  I’m hoping it’ll give me that sense of purpose again.

I’m already selected my classes.  I just need to officially register.  I have indications I might have a slight hiccup there but I’ll work it out with my advisor.  (I’ve been sent to something called TSI.)  I’m trying not to stress.  I did things right and covered my ass so it should all work out.  I’m sure it’ll just take a phone call or email.

I’ll be taking two math classes this coming fall semester.  The bad news is that since they are both 15 weeks long, I’m taking them both at once.  The good news it’s math so they should both be an easy A and don’t really stress me out.  I have nothing else going on now besides the general day-to-day of being a mother and wife.  Pat is great at backing me up so I’m sure if I need to head out to quieter ground to work on homework, he’ll support it.  I have a laptop now so I can literally do all homework outside the house.

The one class is just the next level of algebra.  I did all this in highschool so while it’s been a really long time and I honestly need the refresher, it won’t be fully foreign to me.  Plus I’m good at math anyway.  The second class is statistics and I also took that in high school.  If I recall, even though I blew off ym senior year more than I should have, due to depression, I still did really well in stats so I’m again not worried.

I think this will be a great way to get myself back into the swing of things.

I’m trying to be really upbeat and positive and not stress over shit like it’s been awhile, I care about grades, and I’ll be taking two classes at once.  I think it helps that I really am honestly looking forward to it.  I missed being a student, even if I did honestly need all that time off.

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