IMG_20150520_083751So there is a viral video going around of exactly how easy it is for someone to snatch a child off the streets.  You show up with a puppy and they are yours.  To some degree it doesn’t matter how much or how well you talk to your kids.  They aren’t wired to process a danger like that.

Never-the-less you talk and talk and talk to them anyway.

Sambam is about that age and she’s being allowed to play out back on her own some, though please understand I can see and hear the entire backyard from my desk and am 2 steps from the back door.  She goes out there for little “flower” (dandelion) picking excursions and I watch on, unable to keep up with the back and forward.  But hey, the neighborhood is safe and I’m watching closely.  So I have little fear, and let her free range some.  Which is such a weird phrase to apply to children but it’s a parenting method that I believe in verses hovering over every single step they take.  I’m not letting her wander the neighborhood, just the backyard that I can see well.  Hell, she spends most the time on the back porch.

Anyway, so we’re having the stranger conversation and it involves many scenarios that start with the words “If a stranger…”.  Of course we also discuss what a stranger is, which is still a foreign concept to a degree, but practice makes perfect.

So in conclusion I bring you this lovely little quote from the first time I presented her with a scenario.  I wanted to see what she said, and we could take the conversation from there.

Me: Hey Sammy!  If a strange man offers you candy, what do you say?

Sammy: Please?

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