Isn’t It Ironic? And by ironic I mean a coincidence.

Borderline Personality Disorder BlogApril, and by April I’m including the very end of March, as been a shit hole as far as health is concerned.  Let’s take a look.

  • End of March I’m in the hospital trying to get admitted for mental health and I’m told no.
  • Beginning of April we find out we have no health insurance as we try to get the 7 yo’s meds filled.
  • Said 7 yo has spent the entire month unmedicated and it’s bad.  OMG so bad.
  • Said 7 yo, 3 days after we learned we had no insurance for the month, got his first major migraine.  It was so bad we had to take him to the ER.
  • By the middle of the month, I started running out of my meds 1 by 1.
  • Sunday the 26th I start feeling the worst abdominal pain of ym life.  I think I’m just constipated as it’s happened once before.  That post went live yesterday.
  • Monday night at about 11PM the pain localizes to my lower right quadrant.  I look it up.  Sure enough…

Did you know that your appendix becoming inflamed can feel like extreme constipation?  It also includes bloating (yep) loss of appetite (yep) and major discomfort all over the abdomen and lower back (yep) until the pain finally starts to localize to the lower right quadrant.

Learning this I got myself to the hospital and settled in for a long night of testing.  Sure enough the CT scan showed a very angry appendix, that I managed to catch very early.  My appendix was removed late the Tuesday afternoon.  I went home Wednesday afternoon and will be spending the next 3 weeks under doctor’s orders to keep it easy, and not to feel bad about needing bed rest especially the first half.  I am, after all, in some serious pain. Which is to be expected.

I go back for a follow-up in 3-5 weeks and then I’m feel to resume my normal degree of refusing to leave my bed because I’m too sad.

And before anyone worries about the fact I don’t have insurance, they will cover the surgery.  They will even cover Luke’s migraine ER visit.  We just need to call in with the official numbers after the 1st.  Then all will be well.

Meanwhile, I still stand by that ice cream being medically necessary.

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