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Losing weight while on psyche meds

This isn’t a real blog post.  This is in fact just here to direct you to the page I made where you can mock me in my attempts to lose some waist, gain some health, and shape my groove thing.  You know, the Waggon I’m Draggin’?  The Dragon I’m Waggin’?  My ass.  I also want to be rid of my back rolls.

But all of that is a process. An annoying process! A process made to feel impossible while on all these damn meds! So I’m sharing it with you. One of two possible reasons:

  1. If I can do this despite all my meds and despite massive depression and despite fibromyalgia, so can you.  Or at least find it within yourself to try?
  2. If I just get nowhere despite all my efforts, and you get nowhere despite all your efforts, then we can damn well be nowhere together.  Shan’t we?

So anyway, it’s up there with all the pages.  I’m linking it to you today, but next time you’ll know where to find it.  I will work towards updating it at least once a week.

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