Things That Made Me Chuckle This Week: BPD Patients Can Make Great Parents

Usually I can build these posts weeks ahead so I don’t forget and end up missing a week.  But lately, everything is starting to look redundant, and I have the sads, and I’ve actually been catching up on some reading.  So this week, instead of a Tumblr or Pinterest chuckle, I’m going to share what warmed my angry heart.

bpd and parenting

Someone got his first pair of glasses and looks super handsome in them, if I may say so myself.

Then one fine day, my head got a little diddy stuck in it, so I’ve decided to share the results.

                    bpd and parenting
Don’t let that look of innocence fool you. She is smarter than you and uses it for pure evil. PURE EVIL.
Huh. I feel like I should have a photo of my oldest here.

Would you like to see him scowl at the camera or simply glare at the camera?

Yeah. We’ll leave this post cheerful.

bpd and parenting

Ah, yes. An older one but I do love it so!

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