Sassing the Sexy Specs: 20/15 vision has never been so sexy.

blog borderline personality disorder

Fishy Kisses!




Hold up.

You were expecting something more,
I don’t know,

Frame worthy?


Worthy of the title sexy?



I guess I have that too.


blog borderline personality disorder

I really am enjoy 20/15 vision. Though now I can see well enough to understand my mother’s critique of my cleaning. So there is that. One of these days I might even have the energy to care enough to do something about it. That day is not today. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.

Can I just say, I did a lot more coding on this damn post than I normally do and it was a rude awakening as to how long it’s been since I’ve really messed with html?

And then making the image with the 7 photos into 1 cohesive image? Don’t let me bitch about that one, though. It was a mathematical blast. I’m being serious there. <3<3<3<3<3 Karen + Math = 4ever <3<3<3<3<3

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