Hold Up! We Have A Badass On Our Hands!

So my darling 3yo Sambam spends most of her afternoons surrounded by 6 older boys, not just her brothers. To say things get rough and tumble around here is like saying water is wet. To give all 6 boys credit though, they seem to recognize my little girl as a delicate sacred flower to be preserved at all costs. It helps that they’ve all met her very protective daddy.  Plus they all openly adore her, even her brothers.

Yet this delicate flower put them all to shame when she managed to get 4 stitches in her lower lip Wednesday night, 1 inside and 3 outside, without shedding a tear.

See she was copying the older boy’s game, only without the gross motor skills and judgment they have, and ended up essentially back flipping the side of her head into the coffee table and literally bit through her lower lip in the process.  And this isn’t one of those ironic uses of the word literally where they actually mean figuratively.  Teeth met teeth and lip was between.  Or would have been if she hadn’t bit through.

Of course, after the initial “oh shit what just happened” wore off she screamed bloody (again literally… my GOD the blood) murder from the moment I swooped her up til about half way to the ER.  Once there she turned on her charm and initiated playing wingman for her uncle David, who was set on trying to find a nurse for his own needs and personal care.  She basically beamed a holy grin and waved at every nurse and doctor that passed, and a fuss is made of her even when her grin isn’t bloody.

When the time came, they put numbing cream on her lip for a good 20 minutes while she and I discussed how sometimes her lovies get boo boos and Grandma stitches them up.  Well Sambam had a boo boo just like that and the doctor was going to stitch her up.  She nodded in understanding.  Then the doctor came back and had her lie down flat.  I told Sambam to just relax and close her eyes. I took one hand and David by my side, noting the hot female doctor’s wedding band, took her other hand, and Sambam received her stitches like a champ!

So she may be a flower, but if so she’s a daylily.  Which is oddly appropriate as a mixture of red and blonde.

bpd and parenting
bpd and parenting
bpd and parenting

The first two are before stitches, from the ER waiting room, where she was fascinated with the hole in her lip.

This kid. I tell you.

Bad. Ass.

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