College Update: A Not So Borderline Success

university success and BPD Borderline Personality Disorder and College

I’ll keep this brief.  Just with all the years of battles I went through to get here, I am proud to say I’m officially a Sophomore based off the number of credits needed to graduate quartered.  I’m also maintaining my perfect 4.o.  I’m also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars.  I was also invited to go to China or Australia this summer as an International Scholar Laureate and represent American business students.  However, the hefty price tag attached made that not so appealing of a thought.  There are other programs and other summers.

As of yesterday I’m back in classes after a much needed 8 week break.  I’ll still end up being full time this term.  I just scheduled it squished together.  You can assume I’ll regret that come semester end in 12 weeks, but then I’ll be taking the summer off.  So work hard now, play later.

Alright.  That’s basically it.  I’m actually a successful college student!

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