13 Vacation Destinations for That Mental Health Retreat You’ve Been Needing

Importance of Vacations for those with Mental HealthWhether it is psychiatrist ordered, therapist ordered, or even just self-ordered, we all need to get away sometimes. It’s a crazy and stressful world out there, holidays are essential! But where should you go? If stress is what you’re escaping, the last thing you need is a tourist death trap such as Disney Land or World, New York City, Washington DC, Rome, London, Paris, the Caribbean Islands, or even Cancun. So where do you go? Somewhere off the map where you can pick up some culture or more obscure sightseeing, while getting that much needed rest and relaxation. Follow this advice and you are sure to go home feeling a little saner for the time spent away.

Want the full list, you’re going to have to head to Buzzfeed. But I warn you: It’s crazy awesome!

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