More, More, More: Money

Alright. As we are flat broke to the point of desperate, things are going to have to change around here some. I’m working through old posts and working in some better SEO where you won’t really notice anyway. Letting posts link to other posts where relevant, which is just smart. Oh. I’m also going to have to look hardcore at the options out there for paid ads. I prefer my readers be the ads, but as we’re all broke, I’m going to have to go with option 2 or 3. Probably not 4. I hear they are mostly porn.

Also, I have spent literally all day, like an 8 hour work day anyway, adding a ton of cute and fun products to my zazzle store. Yes, some of it is advertisement for this blog, but not even close to all of it. It might be worth checking out for Valentines gifts? Birthday gifts? Mother’s day gift? Spring babies? Here. I’ll show you a few new things to give you an idea of the gift giving possibilities.

Flower Watch Version 3
Flower Watch Version 3 by Wearables4Edibles
Owl Gel Mousepad Version Adorable
Owl Gel Mousepad by Wearables4Edibles
English Rose Two Tone Tee
English Rose Two Tone Tee by Wearables4Edibles
Gender Neutral Owl Shirt
Gender Neutral Owl Shirt by Wearables4Edibles


Tons of owls, flowers, and some great means of being a supportive and validating parent (which is my personal crusade.

Want to directly help me out and own some WTBL Swag to boot? These are priced to basically be a charitable donation to my electric bill, and still give you something solid to keep.

WTB Silhouette Bumper Sticker: Direct Blog Support
WTB Silhouette Bumper Sticker: Direct Blog Support by Wearables4Edibles
Walking the Borderline T-Shirt
Walking the Borderline T-Shirt by Wearables4Edibles
Walking the Borderline T-Shirt for Men
Walking the Borderline T-Shirt for Men by Wearables4Edibles
Walking The Borderline Keychain
Walking The Borderline Keychain by Wearables4Edibles

So the name of the game is to make money online through paid advertisement here, and by trying to sell pretty, silly, and cute things at my store.

Otherwise, carry on, my wayward internet friends.

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