Borderline Hopes and DreamsIf I ever really make it in my profession (not rich, but a few steps beyond comfortable) I want to buy a big parcel of land out where I’m at now.

I want it to have previously been a farm so that there is already a barn I can use to board other people’s horses for cheep or free, depending on the labor they are willing to offer (you clean up after your horse so that I don’t have to and keep them fed, you can board free). The snuggles I give the horses are, of course, free with boarding.

I’ll also have a chicken coop with just enough chickens to be sure I never have to buy eggs, but not so many that I don’t know what to do with them.

I want a rabbit hutch for my kids because they all want rabbits and Pat says no, but if I buy this damn farm he won’t have a choice.

I want a duck/koi pond.

Oh; and I’ll have a dozen barn cats. I’d neuter/spay them all, but will keep food down so whatever new cats want to show up… well… the more the merrier.

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