In A World

BPD and IntelligenceIn a world where beauty is the first thing noted.

In a world full of world full of words like: beautiful, gorgeous, stunning, cute, adorable, sexy, etc.

In a world where intelligence seems to be the afterthought.  They’ll notice your tits before they notice how you can foil out those binomials.

In a world where really complimenting someone on their intelligence, well, “smarty pants” is filled with sarcasm.

Try this one for size:

Injeni (adj) [in-jee-nee] –  Magically intelligent.
I.E. Einstein was injeni, as is Neil deGrasse Tyson.

And if you like it, follow this link here and like it there.  Pass it on.  Share it with your injeni friends.  A certain Wyld Tree Ogre I know and hold in the highest esteem (because he is rather injeni) would really appreciate it.  As would I.

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