Passive Aggressive

School and Borderline Personality Disorder BPDI’m heading to a 4.0 with this first class at Franklin.  Granted, it’s an easy class, but I’m headed to a high 4.0 so I’ve still worked for it.  When I was at CSCC, I had a 4.0 there as well until I had to drop 2 classes due to life circumstances.  I wasn’t skipping class or not turning in my work.  I simply moved with little warning, which took my internet connection, and got promoted all in the same week.  By dropping the classes so I could go next semester, I was attempting responsible.  But, they failed me.  I apparently missed the deadline.  The thing is, I could see not getting money back and that would have been fine, but failing me because I missed the deadline, when I was otherwise being really responsible, was questionable.  At best.  You see, by failing me, they killed my GPA causing me to lose all financial aid.  Not cool, Columbus State Community College.  Not cool.

So here is what I’ve decided.

I’m capable of a solid 4.0 and maintain it like some people are capable of maintaining breathing.  I say some people, because there are indeed people who have trouble breathing.  But for your average person, they don’t have to think about breathing, and I don’t have to think about my 4.0.  It simply happens.

Which means, if Franklin University has a Dean’s List, which I have not actually found evidence they do, I will be on it.  Then I will print off this notification (or photocopy it should it arrive in the mail) and I’ll sent it to CSCC’s financial aid department along with a strongly but eloquently worded letter informing them what they can stick where.  I will proceed to do this every single trimester straight through my master’s because I am capable of maintaining my 4.0 straight through my masters.

Then, after my master’s, should I really manage to work a miracle or find hopes of seriously paying off student debt, I will go for my doctorate in psychology.  That way I have a few more years of what will, by this point, become a form letter.  And when I graduate Dean’s List with my PsyD, I will sign that last letter Doctor Karen Marrs.

And them promptly seek counseling with myself because yes, I know how crazy I sound.


And you are all, “But Karen!  You are in banking!  Why a doctorate in psychology?”  What, you don’t think that will be useful in banking?  Maybe not behind a teller line.  But psychology is everywhere.  I psychologist is the one that suggested to stores that they stock candy bars and other little impulse purchases at the check-out register.  Psychology is knowing how to read people and how the mind works.  It pays to have a psychologist on staff.  But only if you know how to use them.  And corporate level knows how to use them.

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