Like Apples to Oranges

downloadI took my first, and hopefully last, Benadryl yesterday.  I think I prefer the anaphylactic shock I was starting to go into.

Ok, realistically, I probably wasn’t going into full shock.  I’ve been allergic to the wax on apples for over 10 years now.  I’m constantly having my throat swell up due to “bad apples” being snuck into crap.  It’s hard because not all apples will get me.  Are they organic or treated?  How were they handled after they were picked?  It’s a crap shot.  But while my throat does swell up and it sure as hell is anything but comfortable, I’ve never had to have it treated.  I’m patient, it goes away.  And, I’ve fine tuned what to avoid and what to enjoy.

This past week or so my throat has started to swell up like that, no less than 4 times.  I have not had a single apple and I can’t find the common ingredient that is causing it.  The first few times is was very mild so I noticed it, as it is hard not to, but otherwise went along about my day.

Yesterday, during Thomas’ party, shit started getting real.  It’s been a long time since my throat has gotten that bad.  I may well have been able to ride it out,  but not knowing what I was up against and being well aware that this shit can actually kill me, I got a Benadryl from my father.

The good news is I felt better fast.  But oh dear God the come down.  I had to end the party early so I could go home and crash.  Thank God I wasn’t driving, I could barely hold my head up.  I got home, and crashed face down in my bed, lights still on, and I don’t think I so much as moved for about 3 hours while I slept it off.  I then woke up swimming in a pool of my own sweat, feeling like I had been hit  by a train, my heart racing to try to catch up with the train to kick its ass.

No, I don’t know what caused the whole mess.

Yes, I’m keeping a food journal to try to narrow it down.

Yes, I have more Benadryl because while I certainly don’t like the effects, it’s better than death.  Certainly death by Anaphylactic shock.

Yes, I might well have to see about getting an epi pen.  I suppose it depends on what is causing it and how serious this plays out.  I always thought about getting one for the apple thing but I was always able to manage it on my own.

Yes, I’m stubborn like that.

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