I feel like instead of a blog post I should make a proper list of all the things I need to get done.

As I sit here typing this on my phone, no less than 3 hours after it was due to drop, we’ll make item 1 on that list:

Write some blog posts to schedule to drop. I always write ahead. I can rearrange if something comes up that is time sensitive.

Fill out Luke’s application to school next year. Not technically due yet but on my desk and needs done eventually. Don’t want to last minute it.

School work. Not that I would forget, but if I’m making a to-do list school will forever be on the list now.

Speaking of school, group meeting Friday! Forgetting would be bad since I run the damn thing.  I don’t mean it when I say “damn thing” just fyi.

Work event Saturday after work. Need to be sure to remember. We are sponsoring, so I’ll be out talking to people.

I didn’t get my laundry done last weekend so I need to catch up this weekend.

Start a new book with Lucas.

Finish my current book. It is so boring though. Important, but boring.

Evaluate my financial goal plan. Make sure I’m on task. Something is due soon. I think it is the refinance of the car. Must be sure!

Take a look at the passport process. Fill out the application. Does it require money? Probably.

Postpone the passport process awhile longer due to lack of funds.

Try and find time to sleep. Haha! Good one!

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