There Is No Train To Chicago

My best friend Lisa is moving to Chicago.  This week.  I’ve known about this as a confirmed thing for 2 weeks now.  I’ve known about it as an eventual for longer.  Her boyfriend works out there and flies back-and-forward every single week.  The thing is, he makes good money and can only do that job from either there or New Jersey.  But if he sticks with if for a while, 5 years or so, he will be marketable for anywhere, world-wide even, and it will pay even better.  It’s something computer related.  And Lisa?  Is amazing, but she can be amazing equally in and city of any state or country.  So when they were sick of the commute and never seeing each other, and had to make a decision, it was just logical for them to settle out there, at least for a while.

But sometimes the rational decisions adults make really suck.

I’m also bemused by the fact that my other really good (can you call someone you’ve never technically met in person a best? ) friend already lives in Chicago.  So clearly:

1. I have to introduce them

2. I need to start making yearly trips to Chicago

I’m hoping that the first will happen later this year.  Actually, it has to.  Dawnie and I swore 2013 would not end without us meeting finally in person.  I would hate to see this hellacious year held in limbo because I couldn’t fly out there for 3 days.  My husband, known for his anxiety and paranoia, doesn’t even have a hint of a problem with me flying out there and meeting her on my own. “I think I’m actually OK with Dawnie,” he says.  Granted, we’ve live video chatted, exchanged cell phone numbers and texts, countless emails, snail mails, etc etc etc.  Just all from different states.  (Yet the twitter friend 2 miles away, he is nervous about.  Which I understand and am patient with.  This man does have anxiety bad enough it’s disabling.)  Dawnie is just different.

So, back to the point, I’m hoping that over a 3 day week later this year, like veteran’s day, I can fly out that Friday night and back the Monday night.  Time with Lisa Saturday, both Sunday, Dawnie Monday.  Or whatever.

All I know is, I need to haul ass to Chicago!

2 thoughts on “There Is No Train To Chicago

  1. I think when online people live close it’s a little scarier at first, because omg what if they turn out to be psychotic murderers and they live five minutes away. When they live farther away, you have to spend more time getting to know each other before actually meeting in person, so a lot of the fear goes away. That’s just my thought.

    PS. Shedd Aquarium is opening up a stingray touch exhibit. We should totally do that when you visit.

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