Handsome in Pink

Luke had his Ortho appointment, last Friday, for his wrist.  Apparently while it is just fractured in one spot, it is also broken in another.

He remains steadfast in his bravery in these whole shenanigans.

Probably because he got to pick out the details for his cast.  It’s hot pink, glows in the dark, and is 100% waterproof with NASA technology guaranteeing that he can swim in the damn thing.


Why pink?  Well, “pink is the prettiest color that there is”.  And I’m rather fond to be raising a man who isn’t afraid to say so.  Also, no public school means no bullies telling him he shouldn’t like pink.  Because he should if he does.

Why glow in the dark? He is his own night-light.

Why waterproof?  Because the thing stays on until March 31st and he’s already starting to stink from no baths.

Once the 24 hours we have to wait has passed, I get first dibs on signing that thing!  I’m so excited!


On another, totally unrelated, note: Join us tomorrow, Tuesday May 7 at 8PM  EST for the very next #GeekParty on the twitter!

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