Watch Your Face

I’ve talked Pat into getting a dog.  Alright, so he’s making me wait until we get back from vacation in July, but still, that’s not so very far off.  At this point, I think he just wants me to stop begging for a baby.  What with me having been sterilized, it was buy me a dog or steal me a baby.  And the pregnant girl at work is already eying me funny enough as it is.

We even know what kind we want.  Alright, maybe not the breed.  I mean, we both have a personal dog we want that is breed specific, but this first dog will be the family dog and for that we are looking at personality traits, not pedigree.

This dog will be a rescue, but young enough to grow up with my babies.  This dog will be big.  Big enough that my babies can climb over it without hurting it, and it will have the mushy personality to take it and love it, please sir can I have some more.  But this dog will also be big enough that should someone force entry into my home and threaten my babies, that someone will be without a face.  That if someone messes with my oldest when he walks the dog (3 times a day so he says) they will have to mess with the dog in the process.

This dog will love to eat Cheerios off the floor.  And crusts.  And bits of chicken.

This dog will love to play fetch with the baby.  And fetch the baby.

Chase monsters away for my Lucas.  And then sleep at his feet to keep them away.

Teach responsibility to my Thomas, and companionship that only a dog can offer as well.

My current love is named Lady.  She can boast manners, leash training, house breaking, and a Great Dane in her lineage.  I’m in love, but I can’t imagine she will be there in July.  Hopefully, at least, she has an equally ladylike friend.

And in July, we will go seek this friend out.  Pat and I will spend hours looking and playing with the dogs.  And when we think we have found our long-lost family member, we’ll introduce first Thomas, then the rest of my babies.  The children will get a good hour testing the temperament of any dog we might bring home.  And if the dog can withstand all 3 at once, and still beg for more, they will find a forever home and with it endless love and adoration.  And that’s just from me.

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