See That Balcony? I’m Going To Sleep On That Balcony If The Weather Permits!

“What about the wild animals, Karen?”

“It’s a balcony!  A really high up balcony!  I’ll be fine!”

“Animals climb, Karen, with their claws.  That they’ll use to maul you.”

“Then they’ll just have to agree to snuggle.”

We’ve put the deposit on our cabin.  Hot tub on the balcony outside.  Jacuzzi inside.  Pool table loaded and ready to go.  Full kitchen.  Cable and full entertainment center.  Fireplace.

Oh.  And no kids.

This is our first vacation in 8 years.  Our first time leaving the state together, ever.

We’re celebrating 10-years of marriage in style.

A private log cabin in the smoky mountains surrounded by park and beauty.

The view!

We may never leave.

But July can’t possibly come fast enough!

(Oh, and yes, that quote is word for word recreation of me telling my boss about my sleeping plans for the week, as I showed her the cabin photos.)

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