Just Write

No excuses.

Push posts 2-3 times a week.

No set topic.

Just write.



I will find my voice.

See what people respond to.

See what I respond to within my body of work.

See what feels right.

Just write.

Sit down an hour a night.

Sit down an hour, a few nights a week.

Work up to an hour a night, 5 pushed posts a week.

My voice will come.

My identity will take shape.


One thought on “Just Write

  1. This. I feel this very same way sometimes. I have the need to write, but sometimes I just can’t find the words. But I know they’re in me. I just need to focus my brain sometimes. I now schedule time to sit at the computer, or with pen and paper, and sip hot tea or cocoa while letting my brain dump whatever is inside. Hopefully something good comes out worth posting. Haha.

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