Calling All Readers And Parents of Readers

Mostly parents because it was a long time since we were grade school with our noses in books.  Though if you can remember back that far, by all means chime in!

I’m looking for books that my boys have to read!  I want book ideas for my nearly 10-year-old, whom reads at a 6th grade level, but has a 10-year-old’s interests, to read to himself, or with me.  Assume he’s reading it to himself, I may join in.  I can’t keep up with the rate he consumes though.

I’m looking for books to read to my 5-year-old.  He and I just finished up with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  He wanted to devour it faster than I could keep up with, meaning he isn’t afraid of a long book to have momma read.  I’m not looking for books to teach him to read with.  I’m looking for books I will read to him, and he’ll learn to see the story in his head.  Learn to follow along and understand what is going on.

And, if you have suggestions that will appeal to both and I can read them to both, by all means!

So, what do your kids aged 5-10 read?

What did you read?

I have some ideas on the to-read-list, but there is no such concept as too many books!

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