It’s a cold, dark March morning.  The clock strikes 4 and the fierce momma bear leaves the warm nest, headed to the frozen concrete outside the big, brick building.  She sits outside the front door, in the cold, huddled up with many fierce momma bears, thankful the snow storm is hours off.  Small blessings on a cold, dark morning.

The first 20 people there get the goal.  The remaining will get wait listed.  She was number 19.  Number 20 and 21 showed up within 15 minutes of her arrival.

But she had the foresight to leave earlier than originally planned.  It meant 4 hours waiting outside the school in the cold.  But her fierce, little bear cub got his seat.  Next fall her fierce, little bear cub gets to go to pre-K at the big kid school where his older bear-cub-brother goes.

And it was all worth it.

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