Life List 101-150

Bucket list, life list, call it what you will.  Here are items number 101-150.  And as always, you can see the entire list as completed thus far, including what I’ve managed to check off the list as completed can be found here.

101. See the Colosseum of Rome
102. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa
103. See the Taj Mahal
104. See the Great Barrier Reef
105. Take a snorkeling lesson while there
106. Visit Victoria Falls
107. Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans
108. Go on a road trip
109. Attend New Year’s in Time Square
110. Ring in the New Year in New Zealand – As close to the international date line as I care to get
111. Learn to appreciate New Year’s first
112. Experience Zero Gravity
113. Go horseback riding on the beach or into the sunset
114. Ride a camel
115. Ride an elephant
116. Give an elephant a bath/shower
117. Go parasailing
118. Have a bench, fountain, or tree dedicated in my name
119. Before I pass so I can visit it
120. Learn how to bake (Summer and Fall of 2012)
121. Learn how to bake from scratch (Fall and Winter 2012 into 2013)
122. Learn common and banking words in sign language
123. Ride in a limousine (Summer 1995ish – OK, don’t remember exact year)
124. Own a Mustang Convertible
125. Have sex in the rain
126. Get a tattoo for my family
127. Take Samantha to get her owl tattoo or something she holds dear to represent the strong women in her life
128. Go a day complaint free
129. Go a week complaint free
130. Go a month complaint free
131. Have my blog mentioned on a radio show
132. Be a guest on a radio show
133. Have my blog mentioned on a TV show
134. Be a guest on a TV show
135. Be considered an expert in something
136. By someone who has the right to call me such
137. Go to a concert
138. Go to the Opera
139. Go to the ballet (2007 – Sleeping Beauty)
140. See the Nutcracker
141. See Swan Lake
142. See Wicked
143. Pick strawberries
144. Get down to 200 pounds
145. Get down to 175 pounds
146. Get down to 150 pounds
147. Run a 5K
148. Run a 10K
149. Run a half marathon
150. Run a marathon

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