Cheese and Crack Jack-In-The-Box

My schizotypal is back in full force.  As strong as ever.  I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been off the medication that suppressed it, or if I’m feeling lonelier, or what.  I’d imagine, if anything, it would be a combination of the two.  But, I don’t really, conscientiously, feel very lonely.  If anything, as I’ve added activity both socially and solo to my life, I’ve felt less alone.  I’ve been very very full and fulfilled.  But none-the-less there are people and plot in my head.  I still have as much control as I ever have.  I can’t make myself make them go away, but I’m in control of all that carries on inside my head as far as they are concerned.  So nothing has gotten worse than it was, it’s just back.

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