Steps Big And Small

Sambam has been capable of walking for over a month now but has simply chosen not to.  She’d forget this choice now and then and take a few well enough balanced steps.  Or, she’d take a few to better reposition herself to pounce you.  But mostly, despite the skill, she’s lacked the will.

Princess is a princess and princesses don’t walk.

That aside, over the past couple weeks we’ve known the big transition was coming.  You could see it in her eye.  And she’d forget to crawl more and more.  Then in a matter of the past 2 days the switch flipped and we went from “OMG SHE’S WALKING!” to “Aw, she crawling!  I remember when she did that!”

She can turn.  She can cross rooms.  She can pull herself up on a single tread of a spider’s web.  Now, if she does land mid walk, she’ll finish the journey on her hands and knees, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of a time before she decides crawling is for babies and princess is not a baby.

She’s also taken her old trick of crawling away as fast as she can and giggling maniacally when you call her name, and has advanced it to a precarious, slightly quickened toddle.  I’m just wondering how long before slightly precarious, she can technically crawl faster, turns into the full on giggle and “RUN AWAY!” of a toddler.  Oh, I know it won’t be long.  Her brothers showed me that.  But so far everything she has done has been at her pace so I’m curious to see I long I have to get my ass in shape before I have to actually work to catch her.  I’m assuming it’s only a matter of days.  Hell, hours.  That is, after all, what babies practice in their cribs late at night.

Thank God her brothers are fast and can be coaxed into catching her. Otherwise, I’d be screwed.

Scratch that, I’m screwed anyways.  She’s gorgeous, brilliant, and diabolical.  We are all in trouble.

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