I haven’t written in a while.  Not any real content really.  And not for lack of things to say, but for lack of words to give the thoughts form.

Sadly, this post isn’t to say that I found those words.  This is simply here as a place holder to let the world know I’m alive and well.  My family is well.  And while things aren’t 150% perfect, they are damn good.

I have some things to sort out in my head and writing here will be an important part of that process.  Just not yet.  I’m still giving a touch more time for me to process things before I take to writing.  And while that may sound like something horrendous happened, it’s nothing of that sort.  I’ve had my feelers hurt.  But not by someone I was invested in.

Just someone I wanted to invest in.

And yet, where I lost one. I may have found 3 to take their place.  So I think I’ve truly come out ahead.  As long as no one else is affected by the lost.  And I’m not imagining the gain.

Sorry to sound so cryptic.  I just haven’t found the proper words to give everything shape.

Shit on a shingle, I don’t even know if it will be 1 long post a couple shorter ones.

In the meantime, here is my baby at nearly 1.  Because oh holy hell, this time a year ago I was having constant contractions but I couldn’t dilate because of scar tissue on my cervix.


Also, she is gorgeous!

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