To AC Or Not To AC

When I worked at the grocery store and the AC went out, no one who had the power to fix or replace really cared.  It’s been over a year and I wouldn’t be surprised if it still isn’t working.

Our AC at the bank went out last week.  It died towards the end of the day on the 3rd.  Due to the holiday, it was the 5th before anyone could look at it.  They were in bright an early, brought a ton of fans, and did a temp fix, that sadly didn’t last, while they hunted down a part.

Apparently, it’s the compressor that’s shot.  This isn’t some tiny piece.  The replacement will be hauled to the roof via a crane.  I know because they had a crane all ready to go this past Monday but the part that had been overnighted never showed up.

I don’t know the story of why it isn’t here yet.  I don’t know when for sure we’ll have our AC back.

I do know the grocery store didn’t care and didn’t see the lack of air as a problem.  I know the bank is every day thankful we are sticking this out.

I know the grocery store grumbled if we asked for water to stay hydrated.  I know the bank is passing out fancy cups that will hold 16 oz and help keep it cold.

I know the grocery store expected you to work as if nothing was wrong.  I know the bank is telling us if we need a break it’s ours no questions asked.

I know the grocery store told us it wasn’t that hot, at over 100 degrees internal.  I know the bank has rented us 3 mobile AC units to try and help keep it from getting that hot internal.

We aren’t exactly comfortable in the bank.  But the knowledge that the company cares and is doing everything in its power is huge.

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