Spent Energy

I’m not doing much of anything online right now, so it isn’t just this blog I’ve abandoned.  OCD Ollie had about 2 weeks worth of posts prescheduled.  Once those ran out, nothing has been added since.   A Metric Fuck Ton of Glitter is still going, but only because I had about a month’s worth scheduled in advance there most the time.  I’m down to like 5 more days.  I never even started Baking with Babette.

Twitter and Facebook I’ll post to on occasion, but that doesn’t require much thought or effort.

All I can really say is that nothing is wrong, I’m just tired.  I’m working full-time hours, managing about 5 projects at work, in addition to what I was actually hired to do.  It doesn’t help that the AC is currently out at work.  So by the time I get home and am pounced on by my kids, I’m just drained.  What energy is left is spent on them and then I curl up with a book and I’m down for the night.

I am doing a LOT of reading in my down time.  And I’m trying to give the kids as much of me as I can since I’m gone more.

So I guess, really, I haven’t put a halt to blog because things are wrong, I’ve put a halt because everything is right.

I will be back.  I’ll check in now and then.  Maybe even a long post, now and then.  But for now I’m on summer hiatus.  It’s needed now and then.

Meanwhile I have a post idea list running so that when I do have the energy and time, I have no shortage of material.  So that’s somehting, I suppose.

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